Adding A Touch Of Tranquillity To Your Raya Celebration

Hari Raya has always been a festivity that brings us happiness. It is an occasion where Muslims celebrate their success in resisting various temptations during the month of Ramadan. Also, this year’s celebration is special as Malaysians have stood together to practice social distancing, united in our efforts by staying at home.

As we continue to practice this, we understand that there is a possibility that we are unable to continue the usual Hari Raya traditions of open houses and family gatherings. However, as we prepare to celebrate Hari Raya differently, it doesn’t mean we have to forego the other traditions such as redecorating our homes. You might be surprised on how a newly painted feature wall will help brighten up the festive mood. After all, Raya has and will always be a colourful affair.

AkzoNobel, the leading paints and coatings company understands the importance of colours and Hari Raya together. And since the majority of the celebrations are spent by mingling in the living rooms, we’ll be sharing the creative colour palettes that combines well with Tranquil Dawn, AkzoNobel’s Color of the Year 2020, to add a touch of tranquillity to that area.

An Expressive Living Room

AkzoNobel’s Color of the Year 2020, Tranquil Dawn, also known as Grey Jeans, is a cool-tone shade of green and is inspired by the colour of the morning sky – a suitable colour choice to add sparks to the celebrations.

This room-set features a combination of rich colours, which in turn creates an intense mood to your living room. Tranquil Dawn, takes on a calming role in this setting, acting as a contrast to the vibrant colours in the room.

Adding in the decorative furniture of floral motifs and hand-crafted wicker, this room offers an inspiring and cosy atmosphere for you to enjoy an afternoon cup of tea with your family during the first day of Hari Raya. 

If you are interested to replicated this, here are the colours which are used in this room set:

  • Cheeky Grey / 78GG 19/078
  • Military Green / 50GY 13/136
  • Tranquil Dawn / (Grey Jeans 45GY 55/052)

A Dimensional Space

A two-tone wall is a creative way to give a room dimension. It compliments rooms with a break in the wall space and is a creative way to provide a strong and cohesive look to your furniture.

This room setting is complimented with a palette of pastels. The colour split of the wall is placed higher to the give the room an atmosphere, while the two-tone colour combinations adds a relaxing and welcoming mood.

This room-set used:

  • Mushroom Morning / 65YY 71/071
  • Bellcourt Castle / 45 YY 53/151
  • Tranquil Dawn / (Grey Jeans) 45GY 55/052

A Soothing Atmosphere

Also, when planning for your feature wall, it is always important to understand the surroundings as it is not only developing a beautiful wall, but a functional one too.

This room-set compliments the direction of the sun and requires a green wall and plants to absorb the heat and protect your room from high temperatures. Also the feature wall is completed with a warm amber tone at the bottom half, which provides you a homely mood and soothing atmosphere.

Here are the colours which are used in this room set:

  • Tranquil Dawn / (Grey Jeans) 45GY 55/052
  • Aviator Silver / 30BB 62/044
  • Spiced Honey / 00YY 26/220

A Joyful Combination

As Raya is often associated with joyful and vibrant colours, you can also use multicoloured stripes as per this living room set.

The multi-coloured stripes are stylishly disruptive, and with the use of yellow and pink, it brings back childhood memories. Those two colours also add a playful, vibrant and intense mood to the room, with Tranquil Dawn acting as the balance.

Here are the colours which are used in this room set:

  • Tranquil Dawn / (Grey Jeans) 45GY 55/052
  • Cedar Shadow / 50YR 36/263
  • Sapling / 50YY 51/519

With all the suggestions we have provided, we can’t wait to add a fresh new colour to your living rooms. Regardless of which palette you decide to go with, any of the colours will amplify the mood of your living room, a perfect setting for the Hari Raya celebrations.

If you’d like to find out more about the Color of the Year 2020 or explore the colours brought to you by Dulux, all you have to do is point your browser to: or

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Editorial Team
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