Asymptomatic Makes Covid-19 Tough To Contain, Says An Immunologist At Johns Hopkins

Kuala Lumpur, May 15 – HUB recently did a Q&A interview with an immunologist, Dr. Gronvall. Dr. Gronvall is a Senior Scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is an immunologist by training.

When asked what are the implications of asymptomatic spread for the COVID-19 pandemic, “a growing body of results shows that people who are asymptomatic appear to have the same viral load as symptomatic cases,” answered Dr. Gronvall said.

“This means that, whether people have symptoms or not, they carry the same amount of virus inside them. This suggests that transmission is possible equally from both asymptomatic patients and noticeably sick patients.”

Read full interview here.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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