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Chatting With: Jacky Loong, CEO and Founder of MyLifeCodes

Share with us the backstory and your motivation for founding MyLifeCodes Hi, I’m Jacky Loong. I’m the founder and CEO of MyLifeCodes. I have eight years of experience as a...

Membongkar Mitos IVF – Membezakan Fakta Dari Fiksyen

Pasangan yang mempertimbangkan IVF sebagai langkah mereka yang seterusnya dalam perjalanan mengatasi masalah kesuburan yang mereka hadapi perlu sedar mengenai apa yang mereka bakal temui setelah mendaftarkan diri, dan...

Atopic Dermatitis In Adolescents: Uncover Life With Families, Ashvini

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is common among infants and young children but for some, it can continue into adolescence. For 19-year-old Ashvini, her condition peaked at 15 years, making it...

Atopic Dermatitis In Adolescents: Uncover Life With Families, Brandon

For most people, skin irritation is nothing more than a temporary inconvenience, but for those with atopic dermatitis (AD), like 14-year-old Brandon*, it’s a lifelong affliction. Here Brandon and...

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