Baby’s Milestones: Month-by-Month Guide

We remember vividly when our baby made her first smile, his first steps, and what his first word was. These are major milestones and they make our parenthood even more exciting. It’s only natural for parents to get excited to know when one ought to be on the lookout for the important milestone. Below is a baby milestone chart.

The chart gives an overview of what your child’s behaviour may be like at each age. Bear in mind that the chart is not definitive. Every child is different. However, if you’re constantly worried that your little one is not moving forward or making any progress; you may schedule an appointment with your baby’s paediatrician and discuss with your doctor.

Newborn– Communicate through cries.
– Can see best from 8-12 inches away.
1 Month– Hearing is fully developed.
– Likes sweet smells, and can probably pick your breast milk out of a lineup.
– May respond to familiar sounds.
2 Months– Begins to lift head
– Comforted by touch and recognises your face.
– Starts to lift shoulders during tummy time.
3 Months– Makes eye contact
– Mimics sounds, and starts to babble.
– Opens and closes hands.
4 Months– May begin teething.
– Loves to reach for toys.
– Looks at things in the distance.
5 Months– Sees colour better
– Listen to your voice.
6 Months– Laughs and giggles – a lot.
– Begins to learn to sit up.
– Likely rolls from stomach to back.
7 Months– Sees in full colour.
– Hearing is fully developed.
– Bears weight on legs when held upright.
8 Months– Sits up unassisted.
– Distinguishes different shapes.
9 Months– Has learned object permanence.
– May understand words like, “No,” “Mama,” and “Dada.”
– May start to crawl.
10 Months– Recognises everyday sounds.
– Can often pick up things with thumb and pointer finger.
– May start calling parents “Mama” or “Dada.”
11 Months– Looks and listens at the same time.
– Recognises and points to objects.
– May begin to hold onto furniture while walking.
12 Months– Loves feeling different textures, like running water.
– Understands one-step commands.
– Can probably sit for long periods of time.
– Looks and listens at the same time- no wonder story time is so fun.


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Editorial Team
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