BORDERS Malaysia Online Store Offers Massive Discounts

There are several, age-appropriate, educational activities you can try at home with the kids during MCO. Below are articles we’ve written that highlight such ideas;

  1. Restricted Movement: Screen Free Activities You Can Do At Home With The Kids
  2. Restricted Movement: Online Resources You Can Use To Homeschool Your Kids

Schools are closed and children are stuck at home. Bear in mind that kids can get bored easily. The good news is that you can keep them both entertained and educated with books, children’s books.

Physical stores may be closed but most bookshops these days let you order books online. BORDERS Malaysia is one of them. And currently, BORDERS Malaysia is offering massive discounts on many of their books, children books in particular. 

Don’t miss this opportunity! You can buy them online here. Below are some of the discounted books that you can get. 

Why don’t we all make this #StayAtHome period both eventful and fruitful at the same time? Borders also asks you to share a snapshot of you and your kids doing some activities together with them.  

Share a picture and they will PM you a special voucher code that can be used on their online store. Simply tag them @bordersmalaysia with two friends or family members of yours! Details here.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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