Build Baby’s Brain With Books

From birth to 12 months, it’s about sounds, words, & feelings


Start now! A nurturing family routine of reading aloud every day from birth will help your baby feel safe, loved and ready for school and life.

1 – 2 Months

Smile! Babies love faces and making emotional connections with people. They look, they listen, they fee.

2 – 5 Months

Oohs and ahhs! Your baby’s coos are more than cute – they’re vowels! By practicing with loved ones, your baby is figuring out which sound are important to learn to talk.

5 – 9 Months

A babbling brook… Through all of that drool, you’ll hear “mama,” “dada,” “baba,” and more. Your baby is practicing consonants, new sounds to help them talk.

9 – 12 Months

Talk to me! Like magic, all of a sudden your baby starts putting those coo (vowel) and babel (consonants) sounds together to make wonderful words!

Interesting facts

a) Babies love books with real pictures and bold contrast

b) Read aloud slowly and exaggerate sounds.

c) Chewing books is normal – a sign of teething! Let baby explore sturdy board books by holding them, turning pages and even tasting.

d) Reading aloud together is so important to develop your baby’s vocabulary. Beyond favourite books, pick new ones that provide new words and experiences. All of these words add up quickly.

e) It isn’t just baby’s body that is growing this first year – baby’s brain is developing even more rapidly! Give your baby the best start by reading aloud every day, for at least 15 minutes, right from birth.

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Editorial Team
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