Building A Strong Parent-Teacher Relationship

Positive parent-teacher communications benefit not only teachers and parents but also children. Such benefit is reflected in improved educational outcomes. Several studies (12 & 3) continue to emphasise the importance of a strong and respectful parent-teacher relationship. When schools and parents work together, children are likely to have a far better chance of not only being successful in school but also being successful in life.

Benefits of a strong parent-school relationship

  • S/he gets good positive school results.
  • S/he feels encouraged and excited to attend school.
  • S/he has a positive attitude towards learning and school in general
  • S/he is motivated to learn.
  • S/he has positive social and relationship skills.
  • His/her behaviour at school is likely to improve.
  • S/he feels important because s/he sees everyone working together for his or her education.

How to build a strong parent-school relationship

  • Participate in parent-teacher meetings.
  • When picking up and dropping off your child at the school, approach your child’s teachers and talk informally with them. You may as well talk to the teachers by email or phone. If they’re okay with it.
  • Check the school website or Facebook page for current news and newsletter regularly. Be aware of what’s happening at your child’s school.
  • Not all parents can be involved in school as much as they’d like. But try your best to attend any social events where parents are invited. It can be parent seminars, music events, school fairs and so forth. Never, ever, skip Sports Days.
  • When attending school events, be warm, respectful and friendly. Take initiative and show positive attitude.

Bear in mind that teachers change every year as your child grows older. Every year they have new teachers teaching them. It’s best to meet them early in the school year. Learn about them and help them learn about your child. Effective communication is time-consuming as it should be.

Parents must thus be consistent; because an effective parent-teacher relationship is one that’s built over time through consistent communication, collaboration, an identical goal and, most importantly, trust.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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