Coronavirus Lockdown: Online Literacy Programme For Children

English literacy programme for young children to build and accelerate skills in writing and reading in the comfort of your home.

Parents, we can totally understand you. It’s been three weeks since the RMO. You are probably on the verge of a mental breakdown with the effects of social distancing, closure of schools, and having the children on home-based learning. I am sure many of you are at your wit’s end, trying to find engaging and exciting things to keep your toddlers and children entertained while keeping the education momentum on track.

There is only so much Netflix and educational games can do to sustain the attention and interest of your kids. In a bid to provide some relief and engage in a parent-child activity, an enrichment centre across the border has developed an online edutainment programme for you and your child to participate, and hopefully give us parents some sanity as well.

Combining technology and online learning, Safar Training and Consultancy in partnership with Torch Tutors Singapore are organising an interactive online LEARN TO READ English literacy programme for children between the age of 5 to 7 years old to instill interest in reading and writing. Fret not, while the programme is held in Singapore, parents can utilise the power of technology using a free Zoom meeting app to embrace cross border learning. (Note: For added security, parents can download the paid meeting subscription.)

The literacy programme is a 45mins online LIVE video segment designed to improve the fundamentals of reading and writing. The children will be guided on the proper techniques of writing, phonograms, and spelling rules to encourage independent readers and writers. With more children using gadgets to write and learn, the proper techniques of writing using a pencil may be compromised.

The conventional method of writing aims to improve motor skills and focus as they concentrate on the process. The programme also encourages phonemic awareness i.e the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate the sounds of words. This is an important element in learning as it acts as the primary predictor of early reading and spelling skills.

There will also be an interactive storytelling segment to teach children identify and understand the connections between the spoken and written words. Children will also get the chance to read out loud and increase their confidence in their speech as well as vocabulary.

The programme is led by seasoned early childhood educator and specialist, Noretta Jacob, who specialises in early childhood pedagogy, literacy programme, and experiential learning. With an experience of more than 15 years in the industry, she has developed the programme to help both parents and children build strong relationships and continued learning during the lockdown period.

The programme is supported by Torch Tutors Singapore who specialises in teaching and engaging students, with back-to-basics techniques and concepts edutainment activities, and practical tips to accelerate learning and build confident learners. 

A trial session held before the new pandemic measures kicked in led by Noretta received an overwhelming and positive response from both parents and children. The storytelling session was a hit and had many children wanting more. Parents also provided positive feedback on the handwriting practices that improved the children’s understanding on the alphabets writing strokes as well as the techniques to learn spelling with rules that can help the children ace spelling tests.

Commenting on the programme, Ms Noretta Jacob said that, “The main aim of this programme is to enrich the literacy experience among our children through proper techniques in reading and writing. In order for our children to appreciate and have an interest in reading, is to first guide them on the proper technique of writing alphabets using the right strokes. We will slowly progress to understanding phonics and blending sounds which will eventually make them independent and confident readers.”

Mr Siraj Salman, founder of Torch Tuition added that, “From our experience working with students, we noticed the dire need to develop skills in comprehension of the English language in order for them to progress and do well in other subjects such as Mathematics and Science. Through this programme, we hope to develop the basic skills from a young age so that our children will be equipped with the necessary aptitude for them to do well in school.”

Besides edutainment, this programme hopes to build stronger bonds and relationships between child and parent as one parent participation is encouraged for better learning outcomes. Parents who are keen to take part can do by signing up at

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Kartina Rosli
Kartina Rosli
Kartina Rosli is a contributor with A mother of two children, she writes passionately about personal development and values, tips for mompreneurs and supports the inclusivity for special needs children in the society. Besides managing her boutique public relations agency in Singapore and running a family, Tina is also Marketing in Asia's Editor for Op-Ed. In her spare time, she volunteers as a career and youth mentor with several mentoring networks in Singapore. Follow her on LinkedIn, Facebook and her website.