Digitising Traditional Classrooms Through Immersive Tech

  • Through its offerings of VR, AR, and gamification of content, Pinheads Interactive introduces accessible immersive, interactive technology to traditional classrooms
  • Pinheads Interactive aims to make learning fun, yet effective and efficient to help students learn at their own pace while adapting to the change in the education landscape

Pinheads Interactive, an EdTech company that offers students an immersive learning experience through the creative use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) aims to transform traditional Malaysian classrooms with its creative use of technology.

Pinheads Interactive combines its expertise within the creative and education industries, aiming to serve Malaysian education institutions with hands-on and technology-based solutions to promote active learning.

Through gamifying the learning process with VR and AR, students are provided with the opportunity to immerse themselves and interact with the material directly and implement their learning almost immediately. Pinheads Interactive ultimately looks to foster active learning among students, inspiring them to discover and understand their areas of study personally.

Our education system has remained largely unchanged since the industrial revolution. Learning has taken on a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approach, with a focus on examinations. When students are measured by the exam-oriented process, studying can become overwhelming, as they are motivated mainly by fear, resulting in a largely rote-memory approach to learning,” said Wayne Fun, Founder of Pinheads Interactive.

Fortunately, we live in a very blessed era, where we have the tools and framework to design learning courses that are more engaging, support different learning abilities, and provide better feedback to educators. We believe that education is one of the most important areas of our lives, and advancements in technology has allowed us to improve the way we acquire knowledge and learn at a very cost-effective way.”

Pinheads Interactive’s technology and education modules are designed to transit learners from passive learning to active learning, fueling their passion for discovery by taking what they learn and putting it into immediate practice, promoting deeper understanding and moving from short-term to long-term memory.

This method is also recognised by the National Training Laboratory’s “learning pyramid”, highlighting that practice by doing sees up to 75% of learners retaining the information, compared to the 5% – 10% acquired through lectures and reading; typical to the traditional classroom setting.

Furthermore, the brand’s offerings also include data analytics, set to help educators track their students’ growth. This data will assist teachers in assessing their students’ capabilities and learning progress, allowing them to personalise their teaching materials to be more relevant for each individual student.

More than that, it will also simplify paperwork and mundane processes, cutting down the time needed for teachers to perform administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on developing relevant learning methodologies instead. To ensure that the right program can be offered to schools, Pinheads Interactive runs rigorous, research-based beta tests to craft personalised solutions for each school, developing modules suitable for all curriculums.

Revolutionising Education in Malaysia through Technology

The Malaysian government, in Budget 2020, announced commitments to digitisation and is now encouraging businesses into the technology sphere. The education sector is no different, and a push for EdTech may be the way forward as the industry continues to grow. The global EdTech is expected to have a potential market value of US$5 trillion by 2020, with Asia paving its way to become the hub for education technology –seven of the ten rapidly emerging countries in the EdTech space belongs to Asia.

“Pinheads Interactive wants to champion technology in Malaysian education, taking it to a higher level and making it accessible to all. We want to bring fun to a traditional classroom and drive early exposure to technology among students and accelerating student-centric learning. Our modules, developed by our in-house curriculum team, will help empower education amongst students while providing educators with the ability to track, leading to a personalised progress in schools. Through the use of tech, Pinheads Interactive is dedicated towards inspiring active learning for students in Malaysia,” said Wayne.

With over 12 years of industry experience and the completion of over 150 projects, Pinheads Interactive aims to expand in Malaysia as the next step towards reaching out to countries across Southeast Asia. The brand will soon be introducing its new VR product, EduVRse, designed specially to cater for special-needs learners this year on the importance of cyber wellness.

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