Encouraging Teens To Read

Teens who spend more time reading have a better understanding of other cultures. Reading helps broaden their minds. They’ll get to learn more about the world in general – other people who aren’t similar to them. Also, by reading, they’ll learn that everyone, too, has problems of their own. 

Such knowledge can be liberating. It helps them feel normal if not encouraged to seek solutions to their own teenage problems. Or, at least, it helps them see how preventable and similar their problems actually are.

Like it or not, the internet is an increasingly important part of our daily lives. And, as parents, we can’t help it but let our kids own a smartphone so that they can easily be contacted

These internet-powered handheld devices, despite the conveniences that they provide, using them excessively can affect one’s overall mental health in the long run. Not forgetting, they’re a huge distraction not only in schools but also at home. How do we get them to read for pleasure when there are all these digital distractions around us?

Try These

a) Role Model

The more your teen sees you read, the more likely your teen will, too. Fill your home with more books. Set an hour or two for reading where everyone in the house reads a book. Instilling a love of reading in your child will open their future to so many possibilities; it is well worth the effort.

b) Focus On What They Love

Find something they are interested in. English professor, Dale Jacobs from University of Windsor says that comic books are a legitimate form of literature and can encourage reluctant readers to embrace more sophisticated texts.

c) Check Out A Cool Bookstore Together

Get into the car and drive to the nearest bookstore together. Walk around and see what catches your kid’s attention. Tell them to get a comic or two. Tell them to get what they like. Have a drink later and make use of this opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with them. The conversation doesn’t necessarily have to be about books. It can be anything that interests your teen.

d) Don’t Limit The Subject Matter

Don’t decide nor limit their choice of reading. Let them read what they want, be they comics about flesh-eating zombies or graphic novels about cake-eating vampires. You may think that these reading materials aren’t typically what you deem as literary masterpieces; remember that the more your child reads, the more they will be interested in reading. Their choice of books will eventually evolve anyway. 

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