Home Learning For Kids & DKfindout: Free Learning Resources From DK

Many publishing houses are making their learning resources available for free online during coronavirus pandemic. DK Books is one of them. In response to COVID-19 pandemic, DK Books has initiated Home Learning for Kids, a digital learning hub that offers activities, ideas, and inspiration, to keep you, your children, and your students as curious and connected as ever.

If you’re finding yourself working remotely, homeschooling with your kids, or teaching your students online rather than in the classroom, Home Learning for Kids is perfect for you. Filled with downloadable activity packs and resources to help you make homeschooling fun, their learning resources cover a range of interesting subjects and are tailored to a different age group. 

Also, don’t forget to visit DKfindout!, the safe online place for your child to see, learn, and explore almost everything, and for teachers to download free resources to plan their homeschooling lessons.

Home Learning For Kids & DKfindout! from DK offer a fantastic range of downloadable learning resources. These digital activity packs help take children beyond the book, engaging with their imagination and creativity as they colour, draw, play, and write!

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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