Sex Education: Talking To Your Child About Sex

Difficult, but it’s necessary

Sex discussion is never too early to start. Talking about it (early) can make a big difference in helping them

a) understand what’s happening to their bodies and

b) make wise sex-related choices when they grow up.

Questions like; “Where do babies come from?” or “How do you make babies?” may pop up innocently at a young age. Those difficult questions will definitely come. It can be sooner than you think.

Although some questions are difficult to answer, it helps if, as adults, we are open to their questions about sexuality. 

Try answering them (with facts) the best you could. Listening and answering their questions can help them feel more comfortable talking to us about sexuality. It’s good that they approached us (not other people) to talk about it, right?

Creating a more positive atmosphere

Parents ought to be the first adults in their lives to lay the groundwork for children to feel okay about their bodies and body functions, to feel confident to ask questions and also to seek help.

According to Psychology Today, research estimates that 90 per cent of children today first learn about sex through pornography. Other research reveals that a child’s first exposure to porn happens around nine years old.

What can I do

When the time comes, remember to also include the following topics in the discussion:

a) stages of sexual development,

b) what to expect during puberty, and

c) sexual responsibility and relationships.

A different child has a different set of questions and concerns about sexuality at different ages. As your child gets older, the things you talk about will change. Always remember to:

  • Intervene. Talk early and talk about it often.
  • Be ready to answer questions. Listen to their questions. Those questions can tell you a lot about what they already know.
  • Keep listening, even if you don’t agree with your child’s opinion.
  • Answer the question in a simple way, with facts.
  • Use the technical terms so the child does not become confused in the future.

get age-appropriate sex education books for kids

Age-appropriate sex education books is a must. Good books educate, inform and can help you make potentially awkward conversations easier. The book is for kids. Not for parents.

Don’t know which book to buy? This website,, has a list of over 300+ books on sex education for kids. You’ll find a video review of each book, with many also including a written review. 

And yes, books are expensive. Understood. Maybe next month but in the meantime, read an article or two about sex education for kids. Good, informative articles, really help. Like this one, My Kid Needs to Know What? An Age By Age Guide to Sex Education – And What to Do! (by Cath Hakanson)


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Editorial Team
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