Music Education: The Best Age To Begin Music Lessons

The benefits of studying music are many

Early music education is important. Learning to play a musical instrument, will be one of the most rewarding skills your child can learn. Parents who expose their kids to musical education early start them out on a path that will enrich their lives in so many ways.

We’ve written an article highlighting the benefits of early music education. You can read the article here, Music Education: Why Kids Should Learn Music. What is the best age to start learning music? Citing Dr Robert A. Cutietta, the Dean of the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music, also an author of Raising Musical Kids

The important question then is not when to start lessons, but what is the goal of music lessons for young children? For instance, very young children are not exposed to instruments in order to master them, but to gain experience and learn to develop meaningful relationships with music at a young age. If this is your goal, then the “lessons” can and should start soon after birth and certainly within the child’s first year.

A musical environment for the child to immerse in

Before a child reaches the age of 3, parents can serve as guides by providing a musical environment for the child to immerse in. You can do this by focussing on the simple movement activities such as musical games, dancing while holding the baby, or singing or playing an instrument for the child.

Alternatively, you can go to classes. These classes are usually 30 – 40 minutes long, and they require active participation on the part of parents. Once the child reaches the age of 4 or 5, you can then start thinking about more formal music lessons. Courtesy of Musika, below is an age-by-age guide when to start learning a specific instrument from age 4 and above. 

Piano4 – 5
Guitar7 – 9
Drums7 and up
Voice12 and up
Saxophone7 – 8
Flute7 – 8
Clarinet7 – 8
Violin4 – 5
Viola6 – 7
Cello7 – 9
Trumpet8 – 10
Trombone8 – 10
Bass Guitar9 – 10


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