Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump (Review)

The article you’re reading right now is going to be a little different. First, as the title suggests, it’s a product review article. Second, it’s our first one. So, bear with us as it is our first product review article. Ever. Okay, let’s get to it.

Philips Avent contacted us and asked us to write about their latest Electric Breast Pump. Before saying yes, we asked one of our freelancers, (who chose to remain anonymous) who also happens to be a breastfeeding mother if she’d be interested to test the breast pump.

She said yes. We said yes to Philips Avent and they sent us the product. We sent the product to our friend via PosLaju. We didn’t tell our friend what to say and what not to say. She received the product a day later. This is what our reviewer friend has to say about the new breast pump from Philips Avent. Verbatim.

What’s in the box

A new Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump comes with one 4oz bottle with 0m+ nipple, two disposable breast pads, one expression kit, one micro-USB adapter, one motor unit (rechargeable), and one sealing disc. There are, of course, a small user manual book and a warranty card.

First impressions

I’m impressed. Okay. Off the top of my head. Clean. Minimalist. lightweight. As you can see, it’s light, compact, portable that it could easily be transported in a large handbag if need be. Electric pump has always been my choice. I’ve used electric breast pumps before.

Electric pump because it can easily produce more milk in much shorter amount of time. Like all working mothers, I’m a busy mother. And an electric breast pump helps a lot. But my previous electric breast pumps weren’t anything from Philips Avent. Yes, I’ve bought many milk bottles and other products from Philips Avent but not breast pump. Too pricey for me. That was my exact reason back then. Expensive.

My first breast pump from Philips Avent

Let me be honest here. Using a breast pump isn’t exactly known for making you feel comfortable. Pumping isn’t easy. My breastfeeding mother friends agree with me. What has been the rule of thumb is, lean slightly forward while pumping. Doesn’t matter if the pump is manual or electric. If you don’t lean slightly forward, your pump will have to work a bit harder to draw milk from your breast. What’s wrong with leaning slightly forward while pumping? It’s uncomfortable.

I was a little skeptical when Aishah from told me that this electric breast pump from Philips Avent is different than what I’ve used before. “You don’t have to lean forward.” Her exact words. I was like, whatever (in my mind).

Then she WhatsApp-ed me the URL of the product to convince me. I replied: really, huh? I went to try the breast pump again. Because, previously, I leant slightly forward while pumping. Because I was so used to that position when breast pumping despite how uncomfortable it was.

So. I tried. Again. Not leaning slightly forward this time around. Multiple times in fact and Aishah was correct. I don’t have to lean slightly forward while breast pumping! And Philips Avent really wants us, breastfeeding mothers to know this about their latest electric breast pump.

So, I’ve tried this electric breast pump from Philips Avent. For two days. Thank you, Aishah from, for thinking of me. I can really keep this, right? :). Okay. Here. First, what amazes me, is their silicone cushion. It really does what it says in the website. It really fits! Browsing and choosing the right size of breast shield isn’t easy, okay! Second, their suction. It has a good suction strength.

Third, their range of stimulation and expression settings. It has a lot of stimulation and expression levels to choose from. This really, really helps! Not forgetting, this electric breast pump also has a memory setting that automatically remembers your last session’s settings. So all you need to do is sit down and press start!

Fourth, is that this electric breast pump can operate on AA batteries. And their batteries are rechargeable! In other words, this breast pump is so portable that it can be tossed in a bag for travel or easily stored away when not in use.

The last one, which I think, the most important one, is, I can sit and relax while the pump does all the work! Yes. Sit. Relax. Breast pumping. Read that again.

I know what I said earlier. Pricey. Maybe that shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when thinking of getting a good, quality electric breast pump. Let me end this article with this, I’ve tried this breast pump, and many electric breast pumps before this, and if you’re a busy mother and are planning to feed your baby exclusively breast milk, I highly recommend this electric breast pump from Philips Avent. It will be well worth the price!

If you’re still shopping in preparation for your baby, look no further. In partnership with Philips Avent, we’re giving away mommy breastfeeding sets to TWO lucky winners.

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