Quick And Fuss Free Recipes For The Whole Family

The new norm has created its own set of challenges and whipping up dishes on a day to day basis loved by the whole family is definitely one of them. Picky eaters? On a diet? Dessert only? You name it. Rushing from your 9-6 work from home schedule just to make it time for a 7pm dinner? Only always!

Worry no more about rushing and feeding those fussy tummy’s as the new Philips Airfryer XXL with Smart Sense Technology makes it easier for us all to enjoy healthier meals without compromising on flavour! Rejoice because you can now say goodbye to standing by the stove right at the time of the day where those precious minutes can be spent with the family. 

Feeding up to 6 hungry tummies? Why not give the all-time favourite Philips Airfryer XXL Honey and Lemon Roasted Chicken a go. With only 25 minutes of preparation time, you can pop an entire chicken into the airfryer to do all the work with the Smart Chef programme. The Smart Chef Programme aims to simplify the cooking process for everyday food ranging from a whole chicken, chicken drumsticks, frozen and fresh fries and even a whole fish to take food from uncooked to perfectly cooked, every time.

If preparing fish for dinner daunts you too, the Philips Airfryer XXL is perfect to put those worries to rest. Give the Salmon With Pesto and Roasted Tomatoes a shot. Easy, yummy and needles to mention, incredibly healthy. Packed with flavour and the goodness of a well-balanced meal, you will never second guess treating your family to a delicious fish dish again!

Craving a burger but obviously can’t be spending too much time outdoors? Yes, the airfryer can satisfy those sorts of cravings too! For those special days where you’re missing your favourite diner, the Special XXL Burger will give you all the feels that you’ll forget you were even at home enjoying all the flavours in your trusty dining room. 

Got a sweet tooth after all that juicy meat? Treat the palate to a warm, homemade and juicy apple pie that is sure to tantalise those taste buds. Crunchy on the outside, soft and refreshing on the inside, this apple pie is sure to please even the biggest food critic in your homes!

If it didn’t already hit you, preparing wholesome meals with the Philips Airfryer XXL with Smart Sense Technology is so simple that you can now get the family to chip in when it comes to preparing dinner while you unwind.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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