Redfox Robotics And Enrichment Centre

Children Are Naturally Curious

Redfox Robotics is an enrichment centre that teaches STEM subjects through projects featuring robotics, artificial intelligence, programming and basic to in-depth code writing classes. Their hands-on programmes are designed for children aged 5 – 12 years old. Situated in Kajang, Redfox Robotics seeks to develop critical thinking skills among children and ignites career possibilities.

Redfox Robotics endeavours to provide a learning space where children learn through hands-on, project-based activities. Through these engaging activities, our students learn to solve real-world problems. What they gain from these activities is that they develop the skills that are necessary to excel in the technologically-advanced world, among others – Founder, Redfox Robotics.

Today’s Kids Are Tomorrow’s Technologists

STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Redfox recognises the fact that children are naturally curious; that they are capable of understanding STEM subjects. Programmes at Redfox have thus been designed as such—to provide the play and stimulation they need to develop these critical skills.

With an emphasis on discovery, innovation, motivation, impact as well as fun, kids at at Redfox Robotics can explore STEM subjects through fun and highly educational hands-on activities. We want to produce kids who can think critically. Kids, who can be more than workers but to be innovators when they grow up – Founder, Redfox Robotics.

Forty Eight Robotics Courses Segmented Into Six Themes

Lessons are taught by a team of educators who are qualified in the subject they teach. Educators serve as guides, devoting their best effort to respond to the learning interests, strengths, and capabilities of children at Redfox. Students are paired together and their progress are tracked and graded based on how well they solve problems in each theme. The following areas of learning are offered at Redfox. Each theme has been meticulously designed to tap into each child’s natural desire to experiment and explore.

At Redfox Robotics, we always encourage our teachers to “add values” to their lessons. Therefore, we have included many hands-on activities for the children to enhance their fine motor skills as well as to spark their imagination. During the lesson, we help children to develop their process-oriented thinking with many more interactive activities – Founder, Redfox Robotics

Theme 1Pure Mechanical Construct. Theme 1 teaches basic construct concepts such as rotation, bevel gear, linkage, and lever. 

Theme 2Motor. Focuses on the application of using a motor to move or turn things.

Theme 3Sensor Application. Teaches infrared sensor, touch sensor, grayscale line, tracing sensor and LED displays. 

Theme 4Comprehensive Gearing. Focuses on the application of Theme 1 to 3. Theme 4 requires students to construct more sophisticated structures. 

Theme 5Comprehensive Coding. Teaches advanced coding that includes the sequential structure of coding and motion programming block. 

Theme 6Task Challenges. A programme that summarises all lessons from Theme 1 to 5. Theme 6 offers different if not harder challenges. 

WhalesBot AI Module

What’s the best method of teaching robotics for kids? With robot kits that they build with their own hands. Redfox Robotics is an exclusive distributor of WhalesBot Ai Module. Based in Shanghai, WhalesBot produces and distributes high-quality STEM robotics kits for children and students around the world. Through WhalesBot AI Module, kids at Redfox Robotics learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics through highly educational activities. 

Classroom Environment Conducive To Learning

Located in the quiet area of houses in Kajang, Redfox Robotics is housed in a bungalow on a spacious corner lot. The centre brings the familiarity of their home into the classroom to help children feel more comfortable.

Classes are bright and are filled with a rich set of materials and learning opportunities that provoke thinking, open-ended outcomes, and creativity. CCTV cameras are installed both on the inside, as well as on the outside of the property. This assures safety for the children and peace of mind for parents. Get in touch with Redfox Robotics. You may visit their Facebook. Redfox is also reachable at 011.11079.956.

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