Ruang Cikgu Launches Malaysia’s First E-Learning Platform For TVET Education

  • Ruang Cikgu launches RC TVET, Malaysia’s first all-in-one online learning platform for TVET education institutions
  • RC TVET aims to help TVET education institutions run their fully accredited training and classes online

Kuala Lumpur, March 8 – Established online learning platform Ruang Cikgu today announced the official launch of its Learning Management System (LMS) for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), RC TVET. With learning disrupted for most higher education institutes, TVET institutes are no different, as they struggle with conducting online classes in a structured and organised manner. The platform was launched with the aim of helping TVET students across the nation gain access to high-quality education online through a single, seamless platform. 

The launch is in line with the recent National Digital Economy blueprint, MyDigital, announced by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, as the government looks to make education more accessible to more students around the country. With ambitious goals such as 500,000 new jobs to be created through the blueprint, resulting in the digital economy contributing to 22.6% of Malaysia’s GDP by 2025,  there is a need for a more skilled and technically equipped workforce heading into a new, digital era for Malaysia. RC TVET aims to provide the means to achieve these goals through its all-in-one platform. The team behind RC TVET wishes to achieve this through close collaboration with government authorities such as the Human Resources Ministry and its potential efforts focused on reworking the methodology of delivering lessons for both public and private skills development institutions (ILKA/ILKS) in the face of a new normal.

“We are excited to have launched RC TVET today, a solution we’ve been working on diligently since realising the gaps in the current TVET system. COVID-19 has only further exacerbated these issues and we found that it was time to finally introduce a solution that would help a few hundred thousand students nationwide along with teachers who have been struggling to deliver their lessons. Having worked with local IT experts, our ready-to-use platform is built to match the necessary regulations set by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and Malaysia’s Department of Skills Development as we look to fully digitise the theory portion of TVET for the students. We hope to work hand-in-hand with the recently launched National TVET Council (MTVET) to utilise RC TVET for the benefit of TVET students and educators in maximising Malaysia’s digital talent potential,” said Ruang Cikgu CEO, Latt Omar Shariman.

TVET educators also stand to benefit greatly as RC TVET is equipped with features to ensure TVET teachers are able to deliver and conduct lessons effectively and efficiently despite the limitations posed by COVID-19. One of the common limitations of online learning through established platforms such as Google Hangouts or Zoom include the need to livestream classes, a process that has limitations based on available bandwidth at any given time. This can be troublesome for students and teachers alike as many Malaysian households still struggle with limited internet connectivity, making streaming classes a tough ask. A solution offered by RC TVET is the recording of classes, making the content on-demand and available for students to digest at their own pace. Another common issue is the lack of participation and potential for students to skip lessons – a crucial issue that needs addressing to ensure the students are prepared for their exams. This is solved through RC TVET’s Student Attendance Verification system where time-based questions are asked at select intervals to ensure students are actively participating in each lesson.

RC TVET brings all these features and more in a user-friendly dashboard for both TVET educators and students to properly through the RC TVET platform. The ultimate goal is to aid Malaysia’s digital skills advancement in the coming years, as TVET institutes look to be increasingly important to develop a high-skilled and digital-ready workforce. In an effort to elevate the learning experience of all TVET educators and students, Ruang Cikgu is offering the RC TVET platform for free for up to a year to all recognised TVET institutions in Malaysia. 

To find out more about how RC TVET looks to change the way Malaysia develops the future generation of digital talent through TVET courses, visit 

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