Chatting With: Sharenjit Kaur, Founder Of Spark Talents Academy

What inspired you to start Spark Talents Academy

Being in the education industry for the past 12 years inspired me to work on projects that inspire and develop children and nurture them from young. I am one who is passionate about arts and public speaking, two skills that develop a child’s confidence and creativity. Art and storytelling are interlinked, both nurture creativity which is vital to a child’s development.

How long has it been established

Spark Talents Academy was established two years ago and it has been growing rapidly in the past year. The key driving factor of the rapid growth was the introduction of the Public Speaking Course. Previously Spark Talents Academy only offered Art workshops for Kids. Parents now realize the importance of nurturing confident speakers from young.

Can you tell us a little about your background

I am a certified HRDF, PSMB Trainer and an active Toastmasters member who has been in the Education Industry for the past 12 years, I have covered multiple areas from teaching to development and training. To me being a trainer allows me to transform people to greater heights.

My strengths lie in public speaking, storytelling and effective communication. My freelance training sessions usually revolves around self-motivation, body confidence and public speaking. In 2018, I worked with a group from France to develop Public Speaking Skills and I also conducted a Body Beautiful & Confidence workshop for a group of local women. I’m also a corporate Emcee.

Can we go through the curriculum, courses and programs you offer in more detail

Spark Talents Academy offers 2 Programmes, we have the Super Speech Programme that caters towards Public Speaking and Storytelling. Splashing Colours Programme offers art workshops for children.

We also offer a developmental art programme for preschoolers that develops a child’s creativity through art expressions, 3D Modeling, drawing skills and rendering techniques.

What learning outcomes you prioritize in your programme

We prioritize on building confidence and captivating the audience through Public Speaking via the use of relevant visual aids, gestures, facial expressions and vocal variety.  The end goal, confident speakers who can articulate well.

How do you gauge students progress

Each student receives a Super Speech activity book, which acts as a journal that documents their thoughts, ideas and progress. At the end of each session, the evaluators fill in the weekly progress report and highlight the student’s achievements and areas for improvement.

Upon completing 12 lessons within 3 months, parents would be invited to watch their children presenting. This gives parents a view of what their child has been learning. Students receive their Achievement Card after their final presentation.

What are the main features of your program that parents value most

Through Super Speech, parents will learn to value their child’s improved communication skills, increased self-esteem, planning ability and power of persuasion. Meanwhile through Splashing Colours, parents will value their child’s exposure to the artist expressions of the works of Van Gogh, Monet, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro.

On a whole, how does the program beneficial for the children, now and the future

Public speaking while vital is the most dreaded form of communication. The program is design to assist children to build their confidence in speaking up. As they gradually move towards higher education and in the working word, these skills are essential to have.

As for art, it gives children an opportunity to try out new ideas as well as develop conceptual thinking and problem-solving skills. Creativity helps students to acknowledge and to celebrate their uniqueness and diversity, as they move into higher education and adulthood, creativity encourages self-expression.

Do you have any plans for future expansion and development

For future expansion and development in 2020, we would like to engage more schools, pre-schools and home schools in the Klang Valley to take up the Super Speech Program as an extended program in the school. This program comes with manuals and activity books. We are also looking to introduce the Splashing Colours program to more preschools in Klang Valley to break away from the usual preschool arts and crafts activity.

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Editorial Team
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