Spotlight: Spark Talents Academy

Communication And Creativity Skills

Spark Talents Academy understands the importance of public speaking and creativity in nurturing confident children who are articulate, knowledgeable and resourceful. Spark Talents hosts holiday camps and programmes that help children to develop their communication and creativity skills. The following areas of learning are offered:

Super Speech

Super Speech covers all aspects of presentation, from pre-speech, to delivery of speech and post speech. The programme is segmented into various age levels; Pre School (ages 4 to 6), Primary (ages 7 to 12) and Secondary (ages 13 to 17). The Pre School level lays the foundation of speech through show and tell.

The Primary level is an intermediate level, which focuses on sentence structure, creativity, expression, gestures and vocal variety. The Secondary level on the other hand is an advance level, focusing on actual scenarios such as emceeing and hosting. The students will be exposed to peer evaluation and mentoring. 

Splashing Colours

Spark Talents offers public art workshops to children from ages 5 to 12 years old. Here they learn to express their creativity through colour and bring their latent talents to greater heights. The activities offered include:

  • Mix Media Art
  • Art of Mandala
  • Art expression towards famous Artist
  • Creative Expressions
  • Glass Painting
  • Stone Painting
  • Photo frame Design

Programmes at Spark Talents Academy help students to progress with the following:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Planning experience
  • Organising Thoughts
  • The power of persuasion
  • Ability to write stories
  • Presenting with body language
  • Capturing the Audience

Developing Children To Be Effective Speakers

Spark Talents Academy seeks to provide a positive impact that cultivates academic success and good character. The academy works hand in hand with schools to complement the academic structure. The programs offered not only develop children to be effective speakers but it builds their character, builds teamwork, enhances leadership qualities and develops them into successful individuals.

With Splashing Colours Program, Spark Talents makes the lessons interesting and interactive. Creative expression plays a key role in a student’s emotional development. Creative lessons allow students to learn with fun; it allows them to express themselves. Creativity can also stimulate imaginative thinking capability in students, these workshops and class sessions are designed to calm children and to take their stress away from the academic syllabus.

Interlinking Arts And Storytelling

The conventional teaching methods on arts only focuses on the object they are painting or crafting but at Spark Talents, children are encouraged to interlink arts and storytelling. Teaching strategies such as storytelling through art are sure to improve students focus and attention. This allows children to understand every masterpiece has a story and every story you share leaves an impact.

Spark Talents would love to reach out to many students and impact them with their Super Speech and Splashing Colours Program. The centre is looking forward to collaborating with schools to create a wholesome learning experience for students age 4 to 17 years old. Those who are interested, their classes are available in Plaza Bukit Jelutong every Sunday.

Spark Talents Academy adopts the following core values:

Student Recognition: We believe that each child is unique and we celebrate their achievements. The success of each student is rewarded with an Achievement Card at the end of 12 sessions.

Service: We are committed to our students providing them the knowledge. We emphasize on care and the need to create a bond with our students to better understand them and their needs.

Positivity: We practice spreading positivity and joy. A team that is positive grows together and builds each other. By teaching children the impact of positivity from young, it helps them to be confident and they are able to build each other as they have strength of unity, joy and positivity. Every child has the inbuilt creativity and the ability to speak up, with a proper guidance it helps molds them into confident and creative individuals Call or email us to enquire further.

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Editorial Team
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