SpecialCare: Malaysia’s First Ever Coverage For Children With Special Needs

Malaysia’s first ever coverage for children with special needs – a partnership between Autism Behavioural Center (ABC) and P&L Agency .

Protect & Lindung Agencies (P&L) and the Autism Behavioural Centre (ABC) plan to launch Malaysia’s first ever Personal Accident insurance plan catered for children with special needs on the 13th March 2020 at 10am.

Named the AXA SpecialCare Personal Accident Program, the parties spearheading this initiative are parents and insurance agents Soon Yee Cheng and Saw Teong Soon from P&L Agency, and ABC’s Director Charlene Marie Samuel.

With regards to the launch, Yee Cheng remarks, “We are proud knowing moving forward we are making sure even the children on the spectrum and others with learning disabilities are entitled to be covered under our policy.”

With this plan in place, we believe that now the parents of kids from ABC will have peace of mind, knowing that there is protection in place for their kids attending therapy sessions there, even if there are external field activities involved,” comments Saw. “It’ll prove that Worldwide 24/7 covers all kinds of scenarios, instead of just unexpectedly accidental cases.”

This is an incredible initiative, and it’s amazing how this has been spearheaded by two parents. As I always say, the best people to make changes are parents as motivation and drive to do so is incredibly high!” says Charlene.

What this personal accident policy aims to compensate for is a noticeable gap in the market, as no insurance providers include coverage for children with special needs or learning disabilities such as those with autism, dyslexia, Down Syndrome and more.

As the first of its kind, this proposed policy has coverage of up to RM30,000 in grievous circumstances. It further extends to include atypical instances, such as providing coverage for kidnapping and education expenses in the event of a caregiver’s death.

With this policy, we’d be the first in Malaysia to support children on the spectrum and special needs who are prone to injury or accidents, who haven’t had the opportunity to be covered in the past,” Saw remarks.

This initiative is the first step in the right direction and proves to everyone that we can make amazing things happen with enough determination and drive,” Charlene further adds.

Established in 2020, P&L Agencies is operated by senior personnel whose collective experiences exceed 20 years in the insurance field, with areas of expertise in both personal and commercial lines of insurance, ranging from personal policies to insurance within the construction sectors.

The Autism Behavioural Center is Malaysia’s largest Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Center supporting individuals with autism, speech delay, ADHD, learning difficulties and behavioural challenges. The center provides therapy for children with special needs using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), using Pennsylvania-based training and technical assistance network (PaTTAN) technology developed in the USA for their programming and supervision.

Members of various media outlets are cordially invited to attend the official launch of the SpecialCare Personal Accident policy during the SpecialCare Insurance Launch on the 13th of March at the Autism Behavioural Center, Bangsar.

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Editorial Team
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