Spotlight: Amberbrook Learning

Amberbrook Learning is Malaysia’s leading supplier of high-quality educational resources, school equipment and classroom supplies. Founded in 2014, Amberbook Learning has a strong network of customers which include teachers, leading international schools, as well as a range of educational institutions such as pre-schools, kindergartens and learning centres in Malaysia.

What sets Amberbrook Learning apart from others is that, first; they deal directly with the manufacturers and suppliers, such as US-based Learning Resources who are specialists in educational supplies. Second; Amberbrook carries products that cater to almost all stages of education, from early years, primary, to secondary level.

Most of their products are innovative, durable and above all, they were mostly designed by teachers, for teachers. Amberbrook Learning also specialises in supplying STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) and SEN (Special Educational Needs) products and resources.

Interested? You can check out their website and blog, and shop online at

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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