Spotlight: Better Life Pharmacy

Tell us a little about yourself and the pharmacy that you’ve co-founded

Thanks for having us in your “Chatting With” column! It’s an honour and privilege to be a part of your platform. Well, I have always been intrigued with the medical side of things since I was a teen. I loved watching medical-based TV shows and documentaries. It always got me intrigued. My ambition at that time was to be a doctor, and even applied for medical school and got accepted.

But at an education seminar one day, I discovered the pharmacy profession. At that time, it was an under-rated profession. Many people only knew about what doctors do, but rarely did people know about the multiple roles of a pharmacist, including myself.

I always associated pharmacists with those at Guardian or Watsons behind the counter – and that is a very bad perception of pharmacists. The education seminar I went to really opened my eyes to the wide job scope and responsibilities that entail being a pharmacist. 

So, I decided to take up the pharmacy degree and I have been extremely proud to be one. The first year of my university degree opened my eyes to the importance of a pharmacists’ advice to patients in so many aspects, as doctors honestly do not have that much time to give medication and lifestyle counselling.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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