Spotlight: Bucket B Cafe

Contrary to popular belief, taking kids out to eat can be both fun and relaxing. It’s all about finding the right place. Situated at IPC Shopping Mall, Mutiara Damansara, Bucket B Cafe is one of the best family-friendly cafes in town (with a play area) to bring your kids to.

The cafe is bright, cosy, and very welcoming with heaps of space to navigate a stroller through tables. What’s more, the play area is adequately spacious; and can be seen from any of the tables in the cafe. Entry fee to a play area is as low as RM10 per child. Alternatively, you may spend as low as RM20 on any food and beverages at Bucket B and receive one free entry.

The play area has two sections. The first section is filled with all sorts of toys; from mini kitchens to high quality wooden and stuffed toys. This play area provides a fantastic play zone for small children. More than enough to keep them amused while you sip your latte and catch up with friends. With its emphasis on discovery and sensory play, kids will have fun with all sorts of toys that are available here.

The second section, also known as is where Bucket B routinely conducts its arts and crafts activities, competitions as well as workshops on a monthly basis. Be sure to check their Facebook page for updates because seats are quite limited.

The play area is securely fenced at a knee-high level. This gives you busy mums and dads peace of mind in knowing that your child is having the time of their lives playing in a safe area. Not forgetting, Bucket B cafe is a pork-free restaurant; the kid’s menu is delightful and plentiful, offering a good selection of children’s favourites. Your kids will surely love it! 

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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