Spotlight: Dinosaur Encounter, Zoo Melaka

We visited Dinosaur Encounter at Pusat Sains Negara in 2019. Well, that was before the coronavirus became a pandemic. When life felt normal, remember? No facemask. No social distancing. No SOPs whatsoever. It was awesome. We in fact went there multiple times. You may read our spotlight on Dinosaur Encounter at Pusat Sains Negara here

Imagine our excitement when Dinosaur Encounter announced that they’ve opened another dinosaur park in 2020. Outdoors this time and outside of Kuala Lumpur. At Zoo Melaka to be precise. So we went to Melaka. 

According to Dinosaur Encounter, the park has up to 150 species and each dinosaur you’ll see there is its actual size. In other words, at this new Dinosaur Encounter park, you’ll see how truly big the dinosaurs are relative to an average human man.

The largest interactive dinosaur park in Southeast Asia, the new Dinosaur Encounter is spread over 5-acre forest park. It was unmistakably massive. Your legs will get tired. Not to worry, the walking trails and their hiking paths and bridges are accessible to strollers. 

All in all, we liked what we saw at the new Dinosaur Encounter. Far more realistic. Partly because it was outdoors? The dinosaurs were huge. The sound effects made them more believable. 

Our buddy boy loved it. He liked it so much that he asked us to go to Zoo Melaka the following day. Again. He wanted to see dinosaurs. So we went to Zoo Melaka again. Our first visit was on Monday, 11 January 2021. Our second visit the following day was exactly a day before MCO 2.0. 

The park is also open at night but we didn’t get to see it. Our second visit was on the last day of CMCO before MCO 2.0 comes into effect at midnight. Consequently, we had to cut short our trip and drive back to Kuala Lumpur that evening.

The night experience, according Dinosaur Encounter, begins at 7.30 pm until 11.30 pm. Maybe next time, Dinosaur Encounter. 

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