Spotlight: Don Hu Jurassic Park Garden

Located in Muar, Johor, Don Hu Jurassic Park Garden has plenty of activities for kids. The coolest one has to be its lifelike sculptures of dinosaurs. The park is divided into two sections; indoors and outdoors.

The outdoor section features a journey through a wonderland of dinosaurs. And outdoors is where most of the dinosaurs are.

Of course, this wouldn’t be Jurassic Park without some horror and suspense. More realistic, scary animatronic dinosaurs complete with sounds are located indoors. A small cafe, all sorts of fun rides and a shop selling dinosaur merchandise are also indoors.

We visited its shop and were completely blown away by it. The shop has a massive collection of dinosaurs toys. It was, really, a lot. It’s dinosaur heaven for kids. Our 3-year-old son was spoilt for choice and thankfully, they’re very reasonably priced. Their t-shirts are also not bad. They’re well-designed for both adults and kids.

If you have a budding, aspiring palaeontologist at home, Don Hu Jurassic Park Garden is definitely worth a visit. The entrance fee is free. You will only pay for fun rides and merchandise indoors.

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