Spotlight: Homestay Labu Kubong

Established in 2014, Homestay Labu Kubong seeks to offer tourists the opportunity to experience the life of a typical Malay villager.

In 2017, 16 homestays were nominated. 4 were shortlisted. And 2 homestays were tied to win the 20th Malaysia Tourism Awards in the category of Best Homestay in Malaysia. Homestay Labu Kubong was one of them. The other one was Homestay Kg. Teluk Ketapang in Terengganu.

Located about 10km from the Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar and 40km north of Ipoh, Homestay Labu Kubong offers a glimpse of life in the village. A kampung-style retreat like no other.

Live like a local and learn the essence of a kampung and its people through their vast array of activities. From traditional games to cultural performances.

Tourists can choose to stay with a host family and experience what daily life is like in the kampung. Such an opportunity allows tourists to dive headfirst into the experiences that allow them to learn about the culture and lifestyle of that community.

At the village, for example, tourists can learn first-hand the age-old process of rubber production, or how to make Bedak Sejuk (cooling rice powder), Asam Keping (sliced tamarind), all sorts of traditional desserts and handcrafts and some other Malay Kuih-Muih (titbits), among others.

Explore the vast paddy fields with spectacular views of the mountains and rich green forests as your backdrop.

Spend an hour or two touring around the village on a motorised trolley through tree-lined kampung roads with their assigned tour guide.

Then take part in other kampung activities such as fishing in the fields and river bathing.

Our favourite was a visit to a stingless bee farm. You could taste their honey fresh from the hive.

What sets Homestay Labu Kubong apart from the rest is that the homestay is made up of participating members of a community in the kampung, not just one or two homestay family.

Friendly villagers. Breathtaking view of the village. Unparalleled hospitality and easily accessible. All of this makes the experience of staying at Labu Kubong much wider and unique in its own way.

Follow Homestay Labu Kubong on Facebook and Instagram. Homestay Labu Kubong can also be reached at +60195773471 or +6013629853 and email at [email protected]. Have you watched the trailer video at the top of this article? Below is the full video.

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Editorial Team
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