Spotlight: Lit Books

Lit Books was founded by husband-and-wife team. Voracious readers themselves, Min Hun and Elaine Lau are former journalists.

Situated in the Tropicana Avenue commercial hub, Lit Books is an independent bookshop that specialises in English literary titles; from carefully curated fiction to a hand-picked selection of non-fiction. 

More than just a bookseller, Lit was conceived to be a haven for book lovers, where conversation and discourse are encouraged and welcome – Lit Books

Lit Books. We love that the word “Lit” has different connotations – it’s short for literature or literary, but more pointedly, the word speaks of being illumined or enlightened, much like how reading good books elucidates the world around us – Lit Books

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, Lit Books offers a warm, welcoming, comfy space. Aside from an array of fine literature, Lit Books also sells literary-themed merchandise and gifts sourced from the UK and the US. Also, there’s a coffee bar. It’s therefore easy to get comfortable here and see the hours fly. 

Encapsulating this idea is our firefly mascot, the Lit Bug – because good literature illuminates our minds and souls, and ignites our imaginations – Lit Books

Lit Books not only stocks a plethora of books from collector’s editions of classics to modern and contemporary reads but it also hosts frequent gatherings, such as author readings where they invite authors and readers and talk about all things literature. Be sure to check their Facebook page for updates on such events. Also, you may visit their website and listen to the podcast here

What better way to learn more about your favourite independent bookshop than to talk to the owners themselves! Check out our Chatting With with Lit Books.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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