Spotlight: Little H.O.W Kindergarten

Multiple Intelligences

Established in 1997, Little H.O.W Kindergarten teaches a curriculum that promotes multiple intelligences for children aged 4 to 6 years old. With an emphasis on cognitive, physical, social, moral and creativity, Little H.O.W seeks promote a place of learning that’s fun and actively engaging. Each child is thus supported to learn at their own pace in a safe, caring and fun environment.

Our programmes help to build a strong social, emotional and intellectual foundation, as well as a strong foundation through balanced use of interactive technology and proven teaching- learning strategies that nurtures children with lifelong passion for learning – Little H.O.W

Nestled in a quiet residential area in Bandar Sri Damansara, Little H.O.W is a big believer that each individual child is unique. The ratio of children to teacher and teaching assistant are thus kept to a minimum to meet the evolving needs of children with different learning styles.

We actively communicate with parents through WhatsApp as we believe parents and school should cooperate closely. We always believe that parental involvement plays an important role in student success. Every year, we have many events which involved parents participation, including Sports Day, Singing Presentation, Story Telling Presentation, Field Trip and Concert – Little H.O.W

Passionate Teachers

Teachers at Little H.O.W are highly qualified and experienced in the subject they teach. They’re approachable and responsive to all children’s learning abilities. Together they form a happy, cohesive team, instructing children in the foundations of mathematics, science, as well as music and art through various, fun learning activities to prepare them for primary school. Little H.O.W believes that qualified and experienced teachers help to ensure positive outcomes for children.

Our teachers are passionate, fun and caring with a kind personality. They motivate children to learn, and are able to develop a good relationship with them – Little H.O.W

Stimulating Programmes

Nursery (Below 4 Years Old)

A child-oriented program that places greater emphasis on Language Development, Social Skills, Motor Skills (Fine and Gross) and Music/Movement.

K1 (4-5 Years Old)

Daily activities include reading, writing, mathematics, early science, motor skill development, language development, social skill development and physical activities.

K2 (5-6 Years Old)

K2 offers thematic units to engage children by offering a variety of activities surrounding a common theme. At the end of the programme, children will have a clear understanding of functional skills and concepts in the various subjects.

K3 (6 Years Old)

Programmes in K3 are designed to foster a solid foundation to ensure each child readiness for Primary school entry. Children will learn how to think, ask questions, listen to ideas and to solve problems.

Outdoor Play

Apart from lessons in the classroom, Little H.O.W also offers structured outdoor activities and free play in their weekly curriculum. Children are naturally drawn to playing outside and there are numerous cognitive and health benefits of outdoor play. Outdoor activities help children sleep, eat, and live more healthily. Not forgetting, small amounts of sunlight exposure can help boost their vitamin D levels.

A Nurturing Learning Environment

Little H.O.W is housed in a large, Double Storey Corner Lot in the quiet area of houses in Bandar Sri Damansara. The two-stories, purpose-built kindergarten has an extensive outdoor bush land playground. Classrooms are bright and well-resourced with learning materials as well as educational and fun toys. Little H.O.W uses smart, interactive boards to carry out some of its lessons.

Also, there are learning corners. Each learning corner contains materials, apparatus and toys for learning a different subject. These learning corners give children the freedom to choose what to do and provide opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create, and imagine.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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