Spotlight: Malaysian Astronomy Olympiad (MyAO)

Associate Professor Dr Chong Hon Yew is a retired lecturer in Physics at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). He founded Kelab Astronomi USM in 1986 and Penang Astronomical Society in 2016. His enthusiasm for astronomy is nothing short of infectious. Despite being in his 60s, Dr Chong continuously seeks to inspire Malaysians to stargaze not only the wonders of astronomy but also the positive impact it has on our lives. 

To this end, Dr Chong devotes most of his time today to outreach activities, explaining the basics of astronomy to the general public, bringing down the mysteries of our Universe down to Earth for everyone, of all ages to understand. Dr Chong has trained many students in the field of astronomy and conducted many astronomy programs across Malaysia for various age groups. 

At present, Dr Chong works as a science communicator teaching Introductory Astronomy at Tech Dome Penang. Besides, Dr Chong is also the co-director of Malaysian Astronomy Olympiad (MyAO), an annual national level competition designed to promote interest in astronomy and astrophysics among secondary school students. 

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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