Spotlight: Mothercare – Early Learning Centre (ELC)

Founded in Kingston, Surrey 1961, Mothercare was finally brought to Malaysia in 1987. To date, Mothercare has over 16 stores in Malaysia. Its flagship store is located in Suria KLCC, featuring the full range of children’s fashion, nursery, pushchairs, car seats and fashion. 

What makes Mothercare even more unique is its toy shop; ELC, short for Early Learning Centre. ELC is pursuing a vision to help children get off to the best possible start and develop vital skills while enjoying creative play.

With its broad range of educational toys, ELC is a big believer that toys are more than just fun and games. The right toys can provide opportunities for children to learn. The best toys spark their imaginations and engage their senses.

ELC selects its toys carefully. Each toy at ELC is thus highly educational; aimed to help children explore the boundaries of their imaginations and creativity, and above all, to make learning fun.

What’s more, when you buy toys at ELC, you’ll see an Early Learning symbol printed on the outer packaging. 

This symbol helps parents understand the toys that they’re buying better, and how can such toys help their child develop at different growth stages.

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