Spotlight: Tadika Montessori Daffodils

Maintaining The Montessori Tradition

Established in 2003, Tadika Montessori Daffodils is an early learning institute offering authentic and progressive Montessori Education for children aged 2 to 6 years old. Situated in the quiet, close-knit neighbourhood of Bandar Sri Damansara, Tadika Montessori Daffodils is fully licensed with The Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

Benchmarked against the century-old, science-backed philosophy and principles developed by Dr Maria Montessori, its founder, Madam Muni, who is also a qualified Montessorian, aims to bring the gifts, the promise and wisdom of Dr Maria Montessori, the bedrock of all early childhood education to diverse families living in Bandar Sri Damansara and surrounding areas.

Learning At Their Own Pace And On Their Own Terms

Madam Muni, who is also a mentor for Early Childhood and Montessori teachers at SEGI College for the past 16 years, is a big believer that each child is unique and special and they should be given the choice to have laughter, fun and joy during their learning years. And Montessori Education encourages just that, allowing them to explore and learn at their own pace and on their own terms.

The school is renowned to be the one school which is “truly” Montessori in Bandar Sri Damansara and we have successfully managed to nurture and educate children to be proficient in Reading, Writing and Mathematics and also have created well balanced children who are excelling in the Primary schools, locally and abroad for the past 17 years – Madam Muni

Educational Programmes

Befitting its child-centred approach to early childhood education, Daffodils offers 6 principal areas of learning. One of the greatest benefits of the Montessori Method, particularly during the early learning experience, is the focus on hands-on learning.

To maintain the Montessori tradition by providing current and comprehensive child development services in the Montessori Method of Education, fully equipped with Montessori teaching apparatus and qualified teachers committed to early childhood education – Madam Muni

Teachers are trained and certified in Early Childhood Care & Education. They serve as guides and help facilitate the learning experience in classrooms. Children learn through meaningful play experiences that simultaneously promote inquiry-based learning, discovery, experience and physical exercise.

Learning programmes have been developed following the guidelines provided by the Malaysian National Preschool Curriculum. The following key areas of learning are offered:

Practical Life: Helps preschoolers develop order, concentration, coordination, and independence. Practical Life provides the foundation for all other activities in the Montessori classroom.

Art & Craft: Art & Craft activities help enhance mental health and wellbeing as well as fostering a whole range of developmental skills, such as fine motor skills, self-expression and decision-making skills, among others.

Mathematics: Children learn numeration, the decimal system, computation, the arithmetic tables, whole numbers, fractions and positive numbers.

STEM education with Robotics; introduced as part of the curriculum. Tadika Daffodils has been awarded a trophy by Minister of Education for their efforts in encouraging this venture.

Sensorial: Children are provided with Montessori learning materials designed specifically to foster sensorial development. Sensorial helps develop visual, auditory, gustatory and olfactory senses.

Language: A multi-sensory approach to reading and writing introduced to sounds in the alphabets to build words, read sentences and stories.

Culture: Cultural learning refers to an integrated study that involves the learning of History, Biology, Geography, and Physical Science, as well as the Arts.

Additional Subjects & Activities


Bahasa Malaysia

Speech & Drama

Public Speaking



Physical Education

Sand Play & Water PLay

Purposeful And Nurturing Learning Environments

Tadika Montessori Daffodils is housed in a Semi-D Corner Lot in the quiet area of houses surrounded by greens off Jalan Kiara, Bandar Sri Damansara. Classes are bright and are adequately furnished with age-appropriate learning materials. Everything in the classroom is within reach of the child and furniture is sized for children to sit and learn comfortably.

Daffodils takes the safety of children very seriously. The front entry gate is locked at all times. Unauthorised individuals must wait to be assisted by a staff member. The facility also includes access to an enclosed, outdoor yard with various play structures and the outdoor yard is fully covered with grass.

The playground allows children to climb, swing, and slide – they are free to run and jump and expend all of their energy. Outdoor play is an important part of childhood. Playing outside offers not only physical benefits, but it also helps improve cognitive and social development.

Recognising this, Madam Muni went to great length to ensure that children at Daffodils spend a significant amount of time outdoors if weather permits. With proven track records, Daffodils has produced many successful alumni for the past 16 years and wishes to continue to do so for years to come.

Parents who have had enrolled their kids at Daffodils have a lot to say about the school. Here’s just a few of their words of praise for Tadika Montessori Daffodils taken from their Facebook page.

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