Spotlight: Tadika Nebula

Tadika Nebula provides a flexible and responsive play-based environment that’s welcoming and safe. Located in Bandar Sri Damansara, the preschool offers whole-brain stimulation programmes.

Tadika Nebula is recognised for its vibrant Shichida method learning spaces, the preschool focuses on training the right brain for children aged 3 to 6 years old. By providing a curriculum that focuses on the discovery and exciting adventures, children are inspired to learn as they learn best.

Children are born demonstrating right brain dominance. This dominance can be seen during the first three years of life. Thereafter, the left brain begins to emerge. Between 3 to 6 years, there’s a transition between right brain dominance to left brain dominance. By the time a child is 6 years old, the transition is complete and the left brain becomes dominant – Tadika Nebula

Based on mutual respect and understanding, Tadika Nebula acknowledges that relationships are central to everything they do. The preschool values relationships between teachers, pupils and their families as well as the community, promoting a sense of belonging that is inclusive for all.

Tadika Nebula views each individual child as an independent learner; confident to direct their own learning. Children are loved, nurtured and challenged in a way that builds a strong self-image and engenders positive self-esteem.

We envision that learning is not just for passing exams or for admissions into prestigious schools. We hope that every child embrace a joyful childhood, experience the fun of learning and develop multiple lifelong skills – Tadika Nebula

The following areas of learning are offered at Tadika Nebula:

a) Flash Cards: When it comes to language learning there are countless methods and tools to help students understand the language; flash cards remain the most effective tool for language learning.

b) Visualisation Training: Visualisation training helps strengthen the eye muscles for widening the field of vision. This can lead to faster visual imaging capacity.

c) Linking Memory: Linking Memory is a method of helping the brain remember a series of objects in order. The programme uses fun, whimsical stories to help children develop a photographic memory.

d) Imaginary Maths: Through this programme, children perform arithmetic calculations through pattern recognition.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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