Toys For Babies Between 6 – 12 Months That Will Help Them Learn

Toys can help them discover all the new things they can do

At this age, your little one is beginning to develop core stability, explore and interact with their surroundings. The minute she can sit, crawl or walk on her own, her world begins to get bigger and bigger. Also at this age, your child can now reach for objects.

Toys are great. Educational toys. They can help them discover all the new things that they can do. And there are many toys for newborns out there to choose from. But not all of them are as educational as they claim to be.

When shopping for toys for newborns, ask yourselves these 2 questions; a) In what way can the toy help develop fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, or language skills? b) Would the toy be safe for my child?

Below are some of the toys you can get that are safe as well as educational for babies between 6 -12 months:


OBall is a durable, plastic, bendy ball-shaped toy that babies can roll, chase, chew on and bounce. Safe to use and it poses no choking hazard. Play with your child once she’s strong enough to sit up and play. Rolling the ball back and forth with an adult helps develop an understanding of the back-and-forth of communication.

Floor Mirror

Floor Mirror provides a lot of stimulus and development opportunities for baby. It helps increase their ability to focus. It fosters their curiosity and encourages head control during tummy time.

Stuffed Animal Toys

Babies love to touch surfaces of stuffed toys. Touching these helps ease their distress and anxiety. For babies, the world can be too big and sometimes scary. Stuffed toys help them cope with these serious emotions. They can also encourage pretend play, allowing the child to take on any role they have in mind.

Soft Stackable Blocks

Stackable block toys have always been a favourite among infants and children. Great for fine and gross motor skills. Your little one can learn to think logically when playing with building blocks. It helps develop language and mathematical skills among children.

Stacking Rings

Like stackable blocks, picking items up and stacking them back together helps babies learn the important skill of intentional grasp and release, as well as how to control and position their fingers.

Activity Table

Activity tables can help promote a variety of learning areas such as language, shapes, colours, letters, numbers and comprehension. Some activity tables require a fair amount of movement from your child, which helps to develop and strengthen certain muscles in their body.


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Editorial Team
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