Translife Education Gives Away 100,000 Copies of Reference Books

Online Education Platform, Translife Education Gives Away 100,000 Copies of Reference Books to Form 4 & Form 5 Students and RM 3 Million Worth of Tuition Credit

Kuala Lumpur, November 9 – Translife Education, Malaysia’s leading online education platform, officially launched its new website today and will immediately begin accepting student applications for its intensive monthly tuition classes. The site is geared towards students from Form 1 to Form 5 with a result-oriented approach with its built-in platform, together with qualified and experienced educators. Instead of relying on conventional platforms such as Google Meet or Zoom that most schools and teachers utilise, Translife Education has a specifically built-in platform that is able to house 1000 students at one time.

According to the Education Ministry, the closure of schools has affected approximately 1.7 million students, and 2,797 institutions in the affected areas alone. As a result, students’ learning is disrupted while they are forced to continue their studies in a different medium. Majority of the nation was not prepared to handle quite the number of students in online mediums, as many school teachers were not experienced or trained in teaching online, resulting in very disorganised teaching methods that may further stunt their learning.  This is evident as recent news depicts many teachers struggling to control their students during class sessions, citing inexperience as the main factor.

“Many students were left to their own devices during the pandemic, and I realise their plight as their key examinations are not that far away, but the usual learning methods are no longer feasible,” said Aery Goh, Founder and CEO of Translife Education. “With the launch of our new website and education programmes, we hope to provide the means for youths to realise their highest potential,” he continues.

Born out of necessity during the COVID-19 lockdown, Translife Education founder, Aery Goh was inspired after seeing firsthand the effects of the Movement Control Order on education as a whole. Recognising the dire need, Aery assembled a passionate and committed team to help turn his idea into reality. Aery started with seminars made to help, prepare and motivate SPM students. Inspired by the success with more than 17,000 participants in one sitting to a total of 21,000 students in both seminars, as well as parents’ need for more intensive methods, he and his team then developed a platform to meet this very need.

Alongside the website launch, Aery is also giving away 100,000 copies of Malay reference books to Form 4 & 5 students. Not only that, with each claim of free copies, students and parents are entitled to a free ticket to attend a full day 20 hours of seminar, exclusive memory masterclass video with 4 hours of recordings, with 2 hours of live training as well as free tuition credit of RM30, combined to a total of RM 3 Million worth of tuition credit. The books are open to claims starting this 16th of November until the 23rd of November.

To claim the free Malay reference books, all customers have to do is:

Step 1: Register a new account at

Step 2: Receive RM18.90 book discount voucher   

Step 3: Place an order for Bahasa Malaysia reference book and apply the voucher during checkout. Students only need to pay for the courier charges, instead of the full price of RM18.90 per book.

Step 4: Receive vouchers for 3 extra bonuses

Step 5: Use the vouchers before expiry

Aery also pledges free online seminars to all orphanages and the differently-abled individuals aged 13 to 18, as he stresses the importance of education for walks of life. Translife Education’s educators are not only passionate about what they do but also attentive to the needs of students as a result of years of experience teaching online before the COVID-19 imposed restrictions. The platform aims to elevate and assist students in reaching their full potential amidst the challenging learning environment of today, COVID-19 and beyond.

“More classes for most levels of education and life skills will be available in 2021, as we want to push online learning to reach new heights beyond examinations and schools,” Aery concludes. 

Translife Education also has plans to broaden their horizons by offering language classes as well, among them Korean and Japanese languages, and soft skill training sessions ranging from coding to software development. Optimistic about their future, Translife Education strives to release new features and constantly upgrade themselves to keep students, and parents engaged.

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Editorial Team
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