Travel Cribs: What To Look For When Buying One?

Travel cribs have been around since we were small. They’re portable, they can be folded up, and they can be carried and placed at the back of the car without major problems. They can even be carried on the plane. That’s because they’re small and lightweight, so you can use them in the house, as well as for travel.

Their walls are padded, so our little ones can sleep soundly and play safely in the travel crib when they become more mobile. Travel cribs are not only perfect for parents who are on the road constantly, but they can also even be a permanent sleeping arrangement for your newborns at home.


There are many travel cribs to choose from out there. The sheer number of baby travel cribs on the market can be overwhelming. Before buying one, know what to look for. According to your budget, here are some things you should look for when shopping for your travel crib:

a) Quality Products

Do your research. Check its reviews. Make sure the travel crib you’re planning to buy is of good quality; manufactured and sold by a reputable brand. Since the travel crib will be used constantly and handled heavily, you wouldn’t want to purchase one that’s easy to break.

b) Simplicity

Look for a travel crib that’s easy to use; one that doesn’t require a lot of efforts from you or hidden tricks to put it together or take it down. Also, look for a crib that’s easy to carry and transport.

c) Age

Look for a travel crib that accommodates your baby’s age and mobility. To be safe, buy one that comes with a bassinette attachment for a newborn or a toddler travel bed.

d) Comfy

Look for one that was designed with baby’s comfort in mind.

e) Safety

Test your travel crib before you buy. Design-wise, is it safe for your baby? Is the mattress thick enough? Can your child climb out of the travel crib?

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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